No Screens Challenge

The 10 Day Challenge: No screens (phone, television, computer, tablets, etc.) 1 hour before going to bed and 30 minutes after waking.

Sleep is everything! We know how we feel after a solid night of sleep versus the opposite.  Being the best version of ourself is much easier after a full night of uninterrupted ZZZ’s.  Sleep quality is what we are after, yet our eyes are glued to screens minutes and even seconds before shut eye.  The same can be said about getting on a screen once we wake in the morning, hoping on our phone to check messages, the news, and/or social media feeds.  There is a barrage of information waiting to be viewed and we feel the need to check it ASAP.  Screens are stealing our precious sleep and putting us immediately into reaction mode first thing in the morning. 

Set a 1 hour Screen Curfew Prior to Bed

Turning off the electronics 1 hour before bed will help set your sleep up for success.  Author of Sleep Smarter, Shawn Stevenson, says that removing screens at least an hour before going to sleep  is the number one thing you can do to improve your sleep quality and improve sleep latency (how fast you fall asleep).  Staring at the blue light from the screens acts a stimulant and mimics daylight, not ideal for going into a restful slumber.  Blue light  suppresses melatonin, the hormone responsible for sleep cycles and elevates cortisol.  If you are looking for quality sleep, turn off the screens. 

Go 30 minutes After Waking Until Using a Screen

Tristan Harris, featured in the popular Netflix Documentary, Social Dilemma, states that we are “getting hijacked,” checking our phone and screens first thing in the morning.  80% of people check their phone within fifteen minutes of waking according to a study done by IDC research.  Being on your phone or computer soon upon waking affects your ability to prioritize tasks, putting you in a state of stress and overwhelm.  We are immediately put into a reactionary state with the information from our screens, instead of feeling present and mindful about how we are feeling. 

Tips and Suggestions

Start by knowing your bedtime and what time you will be breaking from the screens in the evening.  Reading, journaling, conversing, breath work, or any calm activity are all actions you can do in replace of looking at a screen.   If you use your phone as an alarm, put your phone in airplane mode so you are not tempted to check any messages or notifications.  If you have an alarm clock, leave your phone off in another room.  The scores, news, messages, and updates will still be there in the morning.  When you wake in the morning, set a routine that does not involve having to look at a screen.  Use the bathroom to freshen up, do some light stretches and exercises, check your planner, hydrate, prepare the coffee, meditate, and/or walk your dog are tasks that can be done before using a screen.  Win the morning and you are well on track to win the day.  And part of winning the morning starts the evening before with quality sleep. 

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