MAS.Health Program

This program is for teens and tween athletes looking to perform at a higher level by making slight or extensive changes in SLEEP, FOOD/NUTRITION, TRAINING, AND MINDSET.

Program includes:

15-page PDF written for young teens breaking down…

  • What Foods and drinks to eat and what foods and drinks to eat less, along with other key nutritional takes.
  • Why Teens Need Sleep and its importance to sports performance, recovery, and gains. 
  • Various exercises, training methods, and recovery tactics, some conventional and some unconventional.
  • Mindset strategies for a mental advantage over the opponent. 
  • Parental tips for what adults can do to help their children play to the best of their ability. 

Also included:

  • Access to Program tracker, where you’ll work directly with Coach MAS, improving and honing the big 4
  • Monday Weekly Newsletter with the newest sports performance findings
  • Email/text support- Coach MAS will respond within 48 hours
  • Community Forum-ask questions, share ideas, and connect with other athletes and parents
  • Nutritious and delicious recipes for home and the go for young athletes

Cost $15 per month  Intake Form

Below is an example of the tracker. I’ll check in weekly with assistance and support. 

The GOAL: To propel youth athletes in their athletic feats by enhancing their health and helping them be better athletes today and healthier adults in the future.