If These Came In Pill Form

If there were a pill you could take proven to improve your health in all capacities and slash your risk of all-cause mortalities with little to no side effects, I’m wagering you would at least try it for a month or two.  Taking these “pills” would increase not only your lifespan but also your healthspan. …

Snack on Movement

Being sedentary is the new smoking.  Yes, not moving your body may be worse for your health than smoking.  On average, people spend three-quarters of their waking hours being in one place, such as working at the computer, watching TV, scrolling on the phone, or reading a book.  Not moving your body and not doing…

Wisdom from 1st Graders

The class is in session: your teacher, 1st graders.  There’s a lot you can learn from the actions of six and seven-year-olds.  Observing them throughout the years as a teacher, I’ve found characteristics that I, as an adult, would like to do more of, and if I did, I would be more healthy and happy….

Going Against the Grain

     Bread, cereal, tortillas, chips, pasta, and bagels.  These foods used to be staples in my diet.  Now, I hardly eat them, or if I do, I look for healthier alternatives (discussed in the last paragraph).  Here are three of the biggest reasons I don’t consume grains to the extent that I used to….