The Most Nutrient Dense Meal

One Meal-All the Nutrients

       Is there a more nutrient dense meal than a fully loaded salad?  Vegetables, protein, and healthy fats are all present in a properly made salad.  “Eat the rainbow,” you’ve probably heard before.  Well, a salad might just be the easiest way to eat the rainbow, as eating different colored fruits and veggies ensures your body is getting various vitamins, minerals, fiber, and nutrients from your food.  Only 1 in 10 adults get enough vegetables and fruits in their diet according to the CDC putting them at risk for chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease.  Salad is predominantly vegetables and fruit, and eating a diet rich in these foods can help reduce the risk of many leading causes of illness and death. 


For Everyone

     Salads do not have to be boring or bland.  The great thing about making a salad is that it is difficult to mess up.  Salads are also a meal that everyone can enjoy depending on their diet, whether they are keto, paleo, vegetarian, vegan, etc.  You can substitute or hold an ingredient or two that will allow all to dig into to eat!  The cost of a salad is relatively inexpensive as well.  The most expensive part of your salad if you so chose to put in your meal would be the avocado (who would skip on an avocado?).






Dress It Up

The last part is to dress your salad.  This is where many go for the commercial salad dressings which unfortunately substantially diminishes the quality of the entire meal.  These commercial dressings contain processed vegetable oils which are highly inflammatory.  A popular vegetable oil found in these dressings is canola oil, which you definitely want to avoid.  So what should you do?  Make your own dressing with organic extra virgin olive oil (EVOO).  I like to mix the EVOO with balsamic vinegar and a half squeezed lemon.  Play around and see what tastes good for you, just be sure to use EVOO or avocado oil.  You can also find quality dressings at Primal Kitchen with flavors you would find in the commercial dressings.

Salad Options:

Leafy greens: Arugula and mixed greens are my favorite

Vegetables: broccoli, broccoli sprouts, carrots, radishes,  onions, mushrooms

Protein: Eggs (hard boiled, soft boiled, or poached), chicken, steak, fish.  Add canned fish (salmon, sardines, or mackerel) for salads on the go or to for easy and less expensive route. 

Fruits: Avocado, bell peppers, pears, apple, berries, kiwi.

Nuts/seeds: pumpkin seeds, pine nuts, pistachios, walnuts, macadamia nuts.

Spices: Turmeric, pepper, sea salt, cayenne pepper (on eggs), and mustard powder (on broccoli sprouts)


I am still fairly new to the salad game. Please let me know if there’s anything I’m missing or might enjoy to add to the mix!

To más health, 





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