MAS.Health Coaching Program

What we track, we improve! The two programs below track three health aspects vital for the growth and development of kids and teens, what I like to call the Big 3. Both programs below are one month long with the option to continue after the thirty days. 

Fundamental Program

For: Teens and Pre-teens (ages 11-14) looking for ways to develop/deepen healthier strategies, habits, and awareness toward improving their sleep, nutrition, and movement.

Why: Pre-teen and teen years are crucial years of growth and development. Getting adequate sleep, nutrition, and movement during this stage of life will help set the foundations for lifelong healthy habits.  

$10 per month Intake form to sign up 

Performance Program

For the performers, whether it’s athletics, music, or arts. This program is designed to propel you to perform at a higher level by making slight or extensive changes in the BIG 3 (Sleep, Food, Movement).

Program includes:

  • Customized nutritional plan-Learn and explore what foods to eat more and what foods to eat less to give you the energy needed to perform at the top of your game.
  • Sleep routine/schedule-Take a conscious look at your sleep and set a way to improve your sleep quantity and quality.
  • Exercise/Training plan customized to your sport(s) (in-season or off-season)
  • Goal setting and tracking form
  • Mental “toughness” practices
  • Bi-Weekly accountability check-ins via email/message

Cost $30 per month Intake form to sign up