10 Day Challenge

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September Challenge

The Challenge: Text, email, or write someone daily expressing your gratitude for them.

When: September 21-30

Why:  Gratitude Blog


October Challenge

The Challenge:



July Challenge

The Challenge: Follow the 10-3-2-1-0 Ultimate Sleep Formula

When: July 22-July 31

Why: Ultimate Sleep Formula Blog 

Giveaway: Kindhumans hat and stickers.

Details:  Email or DM stating that you are participating in the sleep challenge.  

August Challenge

The Challenge: At least 2 minutes of natural light exposure within 30 minutes of waking up and at least 2 minutes of sun exposure during the sunset.

When: August 22-31

Why:  Set your sleep clock Blog

May Challenge

The Challenge: Fasting from food and drinks for 12 hours

When: May 22-May 31

Why?  Fast Blog

Giveaway: Kind humans hat and stickers along with 2 vouchers for free HUU chocolate items.

Details: Email or DM stating or showing that you have fasted for at least 12 hours or send a screenshot of your fasting time if you are using the Zero Fasting app. 

June Challenge

The Challenge: Not going more than one waking hour without moving.  Every hour move 3-5 minutes.

Why? Snack on Movement Blog

Giveaway: Kind Humans hat and …

Details:  Let me know you’re joining the challenge HERE


March Challenge

The Challenge: Avoid consuming Industrial seed oils (Canola, Soybean, Sunflower, etc). 

When: March 22-March 31

Why?  Get Your Oil Changed Blog

March Giveaway:  Primal Kitchen Ranch, Green Goddess, and Cesar Dressings! (Made with healthy avocado oil).

April Challenge 

The Challenge: No Complaining 

When: April 21-30

WhyGet Off the Complain Train

April Giveaway: Soon to be announced


January 2021 Challenge

The Challenge: NO coffee                     

When: January 22-31 

Why? Check out theblog on why taking a break from coffee may be good for you. What to drink instead: Water, tea, bone broth




February Challenge

The Challenge: No Screens 1 hour before bed and 30 minutes after waking 

When: February 19-28

Why? Check out theblog!

February Giveaway: 30 Pack Box of LMNT Citrus Salt-  LMNT