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April 2022

Movement is life!  Our body and our cells crave movement.  Challenge yourself to get at least 10,00 steps per day or if you have a tracker put in more mileage than your average for the next 10 days.





 March 2022

 Follow the cut-off for the final bites of food and drink (water and tea are ok) before you go to sleep at night. Halting eating and drinking is beneficial for your digestion and therefore will benefit your sleep.





February 2022 

Being on our electronic devices before bed robs us of sleep quantity and quality.  This month’s challenge is to shut down all electronics (phone, tablets, television) before bed.  See if you notice an uptick in energy the next day!





January 2022

Movement is life! This is a good reminder of how doing a little bit of something over a period of time adds up to A LOT! Pick an exercise (squats, push-ups, burpees) and get your reps in!