Monthly Challenges

2023 Challenges





            August 2022





July 2022

Fast food is low-quality food with many ingredients that are not ideal for health.  On average, Americans eat out 6 times per week! Plan accordingly for this challenge and see if you can go 10 days straight without getting your food from a drive-through window.





June 2022

It’s an entire month’s challenge! The requirements are not difficult, but they will be challenging over thirty days.  Sleep, movement, and what you put in your body will be tested.  Reply back on the June Challenge social media post to be entered in the giveaway!





May 2022

Pick a food, drink, or food group that you think could be giving you issues, even if the issues are minor.  Eliminate that food or drink for 10 days.  We better understand what foods are good for us and what does not work for us when we go without them for some time. 




April 2022

Movement is life!  Our body and our cells crave movement.  Challenge yourself to get at least 10,00 steps per day, or if you have a tracker, put in more mileage than your average for the next ten days.





 March 2022

 Follow the cut-off for the final bites of food and drink (water and tea are ok) before you sleep at night. Halting eating and drinking is beneficial for your digestion and will benefit your sleep.





February 2022 

Being on our electronic devices before bed robs us of sleep quantity and quality.  This month’s challenge is to shut down all electronics (phones, tablets, television) before bed.  See if you notice an uptick in energy the next day!





January 2022

Movement is life! This is a good reminder of how doing a little bit of something over time adds up to A LOT! Pick an exercise (squats, push-ups, burpees) and get your reps in!